Monday, 27 July 2015


Welcome to my blog: . After a very careful and thorough thought, I have decided to blog on politics and health matters. I understand there are plethora of other areas to blog on. Realizing that it not easy to blog on every area of human endeavor, I have settled for political issues and health matters. While I specialize on these two areas, I, from time to time, blog on other areas, such as entertainments and sports.

As a trained historian and diplomat, I posses the intellectual capacity to appreciate, analyze  and understand local and international politics, among other things. More so, politics is a  very interesting phenomenon that effects the life and welfare of every citizen of a state, hence, the need to blog on it. Among other things, my aim is to draw attention of citizens to political happenings , events and policies of governments in their countries and the world in general especially as they affect their lives. With my writing on politics, I also aim to create political awareness among people, thereby eliciting responses and reactions from them on the way forward regarding various political issues that affect them.

Health is very important issue that affects every human. There is a saying that health is wealth. I wish to add also that health is life. A healthy person is a living person. A sick person is only existing as he or she cannot live life to the fullest. The need to be healthy, fit, live longer and achieve ones goals and aspirations in life cannot be overemphasized. This is why I blog on health. As an HMO Officer in a hospital and health researcher, my major aim is to create health awareness among people to be able to reduce to the barest minimum, the rate at which they fall ill. More so, my blog aims to let people know what to do in order to be fine as quickly as possible should they fall ill. Many persons in Africa, parts of Asia and Latin America, die from preventable and curable diseases due to ignorance and superstitions. My blog aims to demystify ignorance and superstitions as far as health matters are concerned. Many ailments and diseases are medical in nature and the sufferers can be treated and cured medically. In a nutshell, by blogging on health, I hope to nullify superstitions and prove that so many diseases and ailments can avoided or handled medically.  Do check on my blog for preventive medicine and what to do when you fall ill.

Thanks, for following my blog.  I do hope your aim of following me on Google shall met. Cheers.

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